Wisdom of generations
shines from their eyes

Wisdom of generations
shines from their eyes

Who we are?

For many years the descendants of Macedonian Jews proudly preserved their community’s legacy. The time has come to unite and reconnect with the younger generations of this ancient, scarred Sephardic community that has experienced the horrors of Jewish history. It was expelled from its home in Spain, then expelled again from its five-hundred-year-old home in Macedonia to the crematoria of Treblinka. Still, out of this great bereavement, new continuity and hope arise.

We, members of “The Descendants of Macedonian Jewry in Israel”, pledge to remember those who perished, and fulfill our joint hope for future generations. We will continue commemorating the past, living in the present, and building a future of maintaining the Jewish Macedonian heritage and culture.

We wish to preserve the heritage of our ancestors, the exiles of Spain, from the communities of Macedonian Jewry in Israel. In order to collect information and life-stories and spread them among the younger generation so that we can reflect and express them in various activities designed for the next generation, we wish to engage in the following:

  1. Preserving and studying the heritage, culture and customs of Jewish immigrants from Macedonia.
  2. Collecting, preserving and documenting the life stories of Macedonian immigrants.
  3. Encouraging research on Macedonian Jewry and its history in both the Diaspora and Israel.
  4. Attracting the younger generation to our heritage for the sake of its preservation.

We, the descendants, will remember and remind, and you who have come to us are invited to take part in this fascinating journey.

We hope that in the near future we will have the means to build our website in its English version as well. Volunteers who are willing to assist with financial support and/or with translation work are invited to contact us.

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